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The Pornadoes Team

J. "Mr. Goessl" Goessl

J. B. "Jasper McCann" McIlvain

E. "Chet Gracenote" Sobotta

T. "Tommy Ramshaft" Zgonc

Site Design / Copy

J. B. McIlvain


Rick Klu

Rob LeRoy Photography

Morgen Schuler

"Lord Photog"

Mike McCawley

J.B. McIlvain

Special Thanks

Jonathan Plum of London Bridge Studios

Tom Meyers of Ground Control Recording

Celene Ramadan

Verlaine & McCann Present

Kate Voss

Erin Conery

Nadine Zgonc

Kate "K.O. Leighton" Olson, the 5th Pornadoe

All our friends and fans

J. Goessl is sponsored by:

Quimper Electronics Systems

J. Goessl plays Gordy Bischoff and Gretsch Guitars

J. B. McIlvain plays Mongrel Modified Guitars

E. Sobotta plays Fender Electric Basses

T. Zgonc plays "champagne sparkle" and Sabian Cymbals

Logo Design

Bob Lindenmayer

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