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The Pornadoes... In Space CD

The Pornadoes... In Space CD


In Space, the second album from the Pornadoes, was recorded live with no overdubs at Jack Straw studios in Seattle, WA for Sonarchy Radio ( The lounge surf sounds from the trio are augmented on these tracks by Robb Davidson, who provides the ‘space’ with effects, samples, and real-time live manipulations. 

The album traverses an arc that is somber, racing, reflective, and abrasively poetic. The tracks seem alive with the knowing they were constructed of broken pieces and as they find their way back together the space becomes one simultaneous unbroken stream of light and dark.

The album begins with “101,” a fuzzy and spiraling melody that conjures images of a highway that has no beginning or end but continues to turn down on itself through an echoing tunnel. 

“Pie”; a melancholy and thoughtful track evoking an slow march through an endlessly barren landscape. 

“Fits & Starts” shakes off the preceding despondency with a quick shift into high gear; the gas all the way down. Sobotta’s bass is the low hum of all pistons firing and Zgonc’s drums rarely back down punctuating the space with pummeling fills; all the while Goessl’s guitar evokes the manic sound of running full steam on the edge of an abyss. 

“Eyes” begins like waking from a long and desperate sleep to strange but clear surroundings. One tentative but purposeful step put in front of the next until the march forward begins anew. The expanse is sprinkled with clean and distorted melody and accented with dynamic swells. 

“Cosmic Signs” picks up the pace again with swirling guitars, driving bass and drums that eventually fades out like watching taillights disappear into the night sky. 

“Birds” is the final chapter of this journey and repeats a melody line that lifts up, swells down and lifts back up again - the sound of successfully discovering a new point of embarkment and leaving the vast dark and unknown behind. 

There are four “Space” tracks sprinkled throughout the album. On their own they provide ethereal transitions between each of the six tracks Goessl wrote to chronicle this odyssey. Beneath each of the six compositions, Davidson continues to paint an echoing landscape that plays off the trio further extending the seemingly endless sonic horizon and seamlessly tying the compositions together into one epic piece.

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